Star Wars
Jonash e SoloJonash's Unnamed Wife Cosinga's Unnamed GrandfatherCosinga's Unnamed Grandmother Unnamed First Queen MotherQueen's Unnamed Consort
King Berethron e SoloBerethron's Unnamed Wife Cosinga's Unnamed FatherCosinga's Unnamed Mother Caar DamaskCaar's Unnamed Wife Volpau's Unnamed GrandparentVolpau's Unnamed Grandparent Unnamed Isolationist Queen MotherQueen's Unnamed Consort
Korol SoloKorol's Unnamed Wife Cosinga's Unnamed MistressCosinga PalpatineCosinga's Unnamed Wife Hego Damask (Darth Plagueis) Lef LarsGredda Lars Winama's Unnamed HusbandWinama Naberrie Ryoo ThuleRyoo's Unnamed Husband Volpau's Unnamed ParentVolpau's Unnamed Parent
Threkin's Unnamed GrandmotherDalla Solo (Den Solo)Tira Gama Solo Ederlathh's Unnamed GrandparentPalpatine's Unnamed Half-Sibling Palpatine's Unnamed SisterPalpatine's Unnamed BrotherPalpatine's Unnamed BrotherPalpatine's Unnamed Sister Sly MooreEmperor Cosinga Palpatine II (Darth Sidious)Shmi Skywalker LarsCliegg LarsAika LarsEdern LarsBeru's Unnamed FatherBeru's Unnamed Mother Ruwee NaberrieJobal Naberrie Unamed Viceroy of House OrganaQueen Mazicia Organa Bail AntillesBail's Unnamed Wife Volpau Augwynne DjoAllaya's Unnamed Father Ni'KorishTa'a's Unnamed Father
Threkin's Unnamed Father Threkin's Unnamed Mother Randil Sal Tiion Sal-Solo Jonash Solo Jaina Solo Ederlathh's Unnamed Parent Ederlathh's Unnamed Parent Soontir's Unnamed Father Soontir's Unnamed Mother Jagged Antilles Zena Antilles Triclops Kendalina Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) Owen Lars Beru Whitesun Lars Sam Brunk Dama Brunk Haro Whitesun Queen Padmé Amidala Sola Naberrie Darred Janren Naberrie Celly Organa Rouge Organa Unnamed Male of House Vandron Tia Organa Bail Prestor Organa Queen Breha Organa Raymus Antilles Corla's Unnamed Father Corla's Unnamed Mother Deara Antilles Winter's Unnamed Father Sheltay Retrac Tycho's Unnamed Father Tycho's Unnamed Mother Gethzerion Barukka Allaya Djo Teneniel's Unnamed Father Kara'Teel Isolder's Unnamed Father Ta'a Chume Zel's Unnamed Grandfather Chelik's Unnamed Parent Chelik's Unnamed Parent
Threkin Horm Thrackan Sal-Solo Ajai FelTodr FelEderlathh PallopidesSoontir FelSyal Antilles Fel (Wynssa Starflare)Diric WessiriIella Wessiri AntillesWedge AntillesKen Luke SkywalkerMara Jade Skywalker Han SoloPrincess Leia Organa Solo Ryoo NaberriePooja Naberrie Nial Organa Corla Metonae Winter CelchuTycho Celchu Skoloc CelchuMia Celchu Queen Mother Teneniel DjoPrince IsolderKalenZel Twin's Unnamed FatherZel Twin's Unnamed Mother ChelikAlyssia
Fyric FelChak FelDavin FelCherith FelWynssa FelCem FelMyri AntillesSyal Antilles Ben SkywalkerBen's Unnamed Wife Emperor Jagged FelEmpress Jaina Solo FelBen SoloAnakin SoloJacen Solo (Darth Caedus)Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo Trista ZelTaryn Zel
Mohgran's Unnamed FatherMohgran's Unnamed Mother Kol's Unnamed FatherKol's Unnamed Mother Emperor Jagged Fel IIEmperor's Unnamed Wife Allana Solo (Amelia Solo)Allana's Unnamed Husband Elliah's Unnamed FatherElliah's Unnamed Mother
Mohgran Fel Rulf YageMorrigan Corde (Nyna Calixte)Kol Skywalker Nat Skywalker (Bantha Rawk)Droo RawkAnna's Unnamed FatherEmperor Roan FelEmpress Elliah Fel Ania's Unnamed FatherAnia's Unnamed MotherHogrum Chalk
Gunn YageCade Skywalker Micah RawkSkeeto RawkAhnah Rawk Empress Marasiah Fel Ania Solo
Jonash e Solo* (The Essential Guide to Warfare)
First Queen Mother (Tempest)
King Berethron e Solo* (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Caar Damask (Star Wars Darth Plagueis)
Isolationist Queen Mother (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Korol Solo (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Cosinga Palpatine (Star Wars Darth Plagueis)
Hego Damask / Darth Plagueis*** (Star Wars Darth Plagueis)
Lef Lars (Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones)
Gredda Lars (Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones)
Winama Naberie (Star Wars Episode I Journal: Queen Amidala)
Ryoo Thule (The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo)
Dalla Solo / Den Solo** (The Courtship of Princess Leia) & (The Paradise Snare)
Tira Gama Solo (The Paradise Snare)
Sly Moore (Star Wars: Episode II, III) & (Barely Tolerable: Alien Henchmen of the Empire)
Emporer Sheev Palpatine / Darth Sidious*** (Star Wars Darth Plagueis) and (Revenge of the Sith: Rough Draft) and (Star Wars: Episode I, II, III, V, VI)
Shmi 'Skywalker' Lars (Star Wars: Episode I, II)
Cliegg Lars (Star Wars: Episode II)
Aika Lars (Attack of the Clones: The Visual Dictionary)
Edern Lars (Star Wars: Episode II 'Grave')
Ruwee Naberrie (Star Wars: Episode II, III)
Jobal 'Thule' Naberrie (Star Wars: Episode II, III)
Viceroy Organa (Dark Force Rising)
Queen Mazicia Organa (Star Wars Insider: Issue 90)
Bail Antilles (Cloak of Deception) and (Star Wars: Episode I 'Deleted Scene')
Volpau (Boba Fett ½: Salvage)
Augwynne Djo (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Ni'Korish (The Courtship of Princess Leia) and (Dark Journey)
Randil Sal (The Paradise Snare)
Tiion Sal-Solo (The Paradise Snare)
Jonash Solo (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Jaina Solo (Star Wars: Routine)
Triclops (The Glove of Darth Vader)
Princess Kendalina (Mission from Mount Yoda)
Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader (Star Wars: Episode I, II, III, IV, V, VI)
Owen Lars (Star Wars: Episode II, III, IV)
Beru 'Whitesun' Lars (Star Wars: Episode II, III, IV)
Sam Brunk (A New Hope: The Life of Luke Skywalker)
Dana 'Whitesun' Brunk (A New Hope: The Life of Luke Skywalker)
Haro Whitesun (Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided)
Queen Padmé Amidala / Padmé Naberrie (Star Wars: Episode I, II, III)
Sola Naberrie (Star Wars: Episode II, III)
Darred Janren Naberrie (The Official Star Wars Fact File 105)
Celly Organa(The Princess Leia Diaries)
Rouge Organa(The Princess Leia Diaries)
Tia Organa(The Princess Leia Diaries)
Prince Bail Prestor Organa (Star Wars: Episode II, III)
Queen Breha 'Anitilles' Organa (Star Wars: Episode III)
Raymus Antilles (Star Wars: Episode III, IV)
Deara Antilles (The Last of the Jedi: Master of Deception) Sheltay Retrac (Star Wars: Episode III) and (The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia)
Gethzerion (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Barukka (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Allaya Djo (The Courtship of Princess Leia) and (The Essential Guide to Characters)
Kara'Teel (Cracken's Threat Dossier)
Ta'a Chume (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Threkin Horm (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Thrackan Sal-Solo (Ambush at Corellia)
Ederlathh Pallopides**** (Dark Empire Sourcebook)
Ken (The Lost City of the Jedi)
Luke Skywalker (Star Wars: Episode III, IV, V, VI)
Mara Jade Skywalker (Heir to the Empire)
Han Solo (Star Wars: Episode IV, V, VI)
Princess Leia Organa Solo / Leia Amidala Skywalker (Star Wars: Episode III, IV, V, VI)
Ryoo Naberrie (Star Wars: Episode II, III)
Pooja Naberrie (Star Wars: Episode II, III)
Nial Organa (Children of the Jedi)
Corla Metonae (Star Wars: Episode III / Deleted Scene) Winter Celchu (Heir to the Empire)
Tycho Celchu (X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition) and (Star Wars: Episode VI / Retcon)
Skoloc Celchu (X-wing: The Bacta War)
Mia Celchu (X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition)
Teneniel Djo (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Prince Isolder (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Kalen (The Courtship of Princess Leia)
Chelik (Dark Journey)
Alyssia (Dark Journey)
Ben Skywalker (Edge of Victory II: Rebirth)
Emperor Jagged Fel (Dark Tide II: Ruin)
Emperess Jaina Solo Fel (The Last Command)
Ben Solo / Kylo Ren (Star Wars: Episode VII
Anakin Solo (Dark Empire II)
Jacen Solo / Darth Cadeus (The Last Command)
Tenel Ka Djo (Young Jedi Knights: Heirs of the Force)
Trista Zel (Invincible)
Taryn Zel (Invincible)
Allana Solo / Amelia Solo (Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen)
Rulf Yage (Star Wars: Legacy)
Morrigan Corde / Nyna Calixte ()
Kol Skywalker (Star Wars: Legacy)
Nat Skywalker / Bantha Rawk (Star Wars: Legacy)
Droo Rawk (Star Wars: Legacy)
Emperor Roan Fel (Star Wars: Legacy)
Empress Elliah Fel (Star Wars: Legacy)
Gunn Yage (Star Wars: Legacy)
Cade Skywalker (Star Wars: Legacy)
Micah Rawk (Star Wars: Legacy)
Skeeto Rawk (Star Wars: Legacy)
Ahna Rawk (Star Wars: Legacy)
Empress Marasiah Fel (Star Wars: Legacy)

*It is not fully known where on the family tree they belong, so I used my best guess.

**Den Solo was most likely the public identity of Dalla the Black, a notorious pirate and probable heir to the Corellian throne.

***According to the Star Wars: Darth Plagueis novel: Darth Plagueis, and his apprentice, Darth Sidious, committed an act in direct violation to the nature of the Force.
  To further the Grand Plan, the two Sith had attempted to will a being of their own design into creation, pouring their malicious intent into waves through the Force
  to the countless midi-chlorians spread across the galaxy. But the experiment appeared unfruitful, and perhaps he was created by the Force as a reaction to the Sith Alchemy.
  Also in the Revenge of the Sith Screenplay, Palpatine says to Anakin, "I have waited all these years for you to fulfill your destiny [...] I arranged for your conception.
  I used the power of the force to will the midichlorians to start the cell divisions that created you." Of course Palpatine could have been lying.

****Pallopides was identified as the great-niece of Emperor Palpatine in the Dark Empire Sourcebook,
  but in the novel, Star Wars: Darth Plagueis, it is revealed that Palpatine murdered his younger siblings;
  it was also revealed that Cosinga had a mistress, this extramarital affair leaves open the possibility that the Pallopides claim may be valid.