Evil Dead

Ashley J. "Ash" Williams

Ash Williams   A housewares employee at S-Mart, and student of Michigan State. He had to kill his girlfriend, sister and college friends after they were possesed by Kandarian demons. This propelled him from coward into loud-mouthed braggart. He becomes briefly possesed himself but manages to fight it off. Ash also went back in time, to 1300, to stop the Deadites, but bungled it up in his usual style.   Deadite Ash Williams


Linda   Ash's girlfriend, who was infected when a Deadite possesed Cheryl stabbed her in the ankle with a pencil. She rested until succoming to the possesion when she rose and taunted Ash, who thought he defeated her. Ash buried her, but she rose from her grave and attacked him again, she was subsequently beheaded with a shovel. Later she rose again and was dealt her final death, but not before biting Ash on the hand.   Deadite Linda


Scotty   The hero of the group until he snapped after killing and dismembering his possesed girlfriend, Shelly. Scotty then set out on his own, but got attacked and infected by The Evil. He made it back to the cabin and warned Ash before succumbing and turning on him, only to be killed.   Deadite Scotty


Shelly   Scotty's girlfriend and the second of the group to get possesed. After Cheryl became a Deadite, Shelly freaked out and hid in the back room, only to become possesed by The Evil crashing through the window at her. She attacked Ash and Scotty, and was subsequently killed and dismembered by Scotty.   Deadite Shelly

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams   Ash's sister and the first of the group to come under the Deadites possesion, after being attacked by The Evil, through the trees. Cheryl was locked in the cellar after being possesed. She later escaped, attacked Ash, and was subsequently killed.   Deadite Cheryl Williams

Annie Knowby

Annie Knowby   The daughter of Professor Raymond and Henrietta, she traveled to her parents cabin to study the Necronomicon. When Ash was possesed she accidently stabbed Jake wounding him, but not fatally. Annie recited the incantation that forced The Evil to manifest in the flesh and open the vortex that sent Ash back in time to 1300. She was stabbed in the back by Ash's hand. She appeared as a Deadite in the video game, Evil Dead: Hail to the King.   Deadite Annie Knowby

Ed Getley

Ed Getley   Annie's boyfriend and coworker, he traveled with her to the cabin to assist her with her research of some missing pages of the Necronomicon she found. After a series of unfortunate events, Ed became a Deadite and attacked the group, only to be hacked apart with an axe by Ash.   Deadite Ed Getley


Jake   Bobbie Joe's boyfriend, after they led Annie and Ed to the cabin they were attacked by Ash. Jake subdued him and they threw Ash in the cellar. Later after Bobbie Joe left, Jake lost it and forced the group to go looking for her, only to be attacked by a possesed Ash. He tried to escape back into the cabin but in the confusion was stabbed by Annie, who moved him too close to the cellar door. Henrietta drug him into the cellar and devoured him.    

Bobbie Joe

Bobbie Joe   Jake's girlfriend, after leading Annie and Ed to the cabin, she was shot through the cabin door by a confused and frightened Ash. She was only grazed, but later fled the cabin after seeing Ash's possesed severed hand. Once outside The Evil grabbed her with vines and drug her through the woods killing her on impact against a large tree.    

Henrietta Knowby

Henrietta Knowby   Annie's mother and Professor Raymond's wife, she went with her husband to the cabin but was possesed when he recited a passage from the Necronomicon. After attacking her husband, Henrietta was locked in the cellar where she apparently went dormant until Ash was locked in the cellar with her. Ash escaped the cellar and eventually killed her, but not before she managed to kill Jake.   Deadite Henrietta Knowby

The Evil Force / Demon

    The physical manifestation of The Evil in the Woods, a Kandarian Demon, after Annie forced it into flesh through recitation of an incantation from the Necronomicon. The Evil in the Flesh contains the souls of all those it had killed. It along with Ash and his car were all sucked into the vortex sending them back in time to 1300. The Evil, again in spirit form, found Ash and chased him into a windmill before merging with Bad Ash to create Evil Ash.   The Evil

Lord Arthur

Lord Arthur   Arthur was the ruler of a small kingdom that was at war with Henry's kingdom. He mistook Ash for one of Henry's men and had him thrown in the Deadite pit. After Ash Defeated the pit Deadites and subdued Arthur they form an uneasy truce to send Ash back to his time in exchange for Ash retrieving the Necronomicon. He formed a friendship with Henry after the Deadites were 'defeated'.    


Wiseman   Arthur's Advisor, and a type of mystic. He believed that Ash was the warrior of the prophecy sent to defeat the Evil. He is the one who returned Ash's weapons to him and later sent him to recover the Necronomicon. The wiseman also created a potion for Ash to return to his time, which he manages to botch in his usual style.    

Duke Henry the Red

Duke Henry the Red   Henry was the ruler of a small kingdom that was at war with Arthur's kingdom. Along with some of his men, he was captured by Arthur at the point where Ash had come back in time. They were freed by Ash and later reluctantly convinced to help Arthur's kingdom fight the Army of Darkness. He formed a friendship with Arthur after the Deadites were 'defeated'.    


Sheila   Sheila was the sister of one of Artur's knights who was slain in battle against Henry and his men. She blamed Ash especially for her brother's death, but later warmed up to him and ends up as his year 1300 love interst. She got kidnapped by the Flying Deadite and turned into a Deadite but was returned to normal once Evil Ash was slain by Ash.   Deadite Sheila

Bad / Evil Ash

Evil Ash   Bad Ash appeared as mirror image until Ash smashed the mirror in the windmill, when he became the tiny Ashes. When Ash is forced to swallow one of them, he was able to split off from Ash at which point Ash proceeds to shoot, dismember and bury him. But the Evil Force merges with him to Create the Deadite Evil Ash who leads the Army of Darkness. He is ultimitely killed by Ash when launched from a catapult with gunpowder.   Deadite Evil Ash

Mia Allen

Mia Allen   A recovering heroin addict. The first of her group to become possesed, and the only one who survived. Mia was locked in the cellar, after shooting at her brother and attacking Olivia. She later lured Natalie into the cellar and attacked her. She was subdued, but Fataly wounded Eric in the process. David then buried Mia, waited until she died, dug her up and revived her. Mia killed the Abomination by cutting it in half with a chainsaw.   Deadite Mia Allen


Eric   A school teacher and childhood friend of Mia, David and Olivia. He accidently unleashed something evil from the book when he read the incantations. After Olivia was possesed, it was David who dispatched her, b smashing her head in with a toilet lid. He was later stabbed by Mia, died and came back. He perished when David set the cabin on fire.   Deadite Eric


Olivia   A registered nurse and childhood friend of Mia, David and Eric. She was the second member of the group to be possesed, after Mia covered her in red vomit. She was dispatched by Eric after slicing her face and attacking him with a piece of broken mirror.   Deadite Olivia

David Allen

David Allen   Mia's brother, the last member of the group to die and the only one who didn't get possessed. David helped his sister survive the abomination's attack on the cabin. He was killed after setting the cabin on fire to dispatch a possesed Eric.    


Natalie   David's girlfriend, and the third of the group to get possesed. She cut off her arm with an electric carving knife after being bitten by Mia. She then succumbs to possesion, attacks Eric and has her other arm shot off by David. She broke free of her possesion and died in David's arms.   Deadite Natalie

The Abomination / Demon

    A soul collecting Demon who collected five souls to physically arise. It is dispatched by Mia, with a chainsaw.   Abomination

Honorable Mentions

Professor Raymond Knowby   Professor Raymond Knowby
Annie's father and Henrietta's husband, Professor Knowby traveled to his remote cabin to study the Necronomicon. He accidently unleashed The Evil in the woods, which possesed his wife, forcing him to lock her in the cellar. Before he dies he makes a tape documenting his mistake. His spirit comes back to tell Annie how to get rid of the evil.
  Spirit of  Raymond Knowby
    Ash Williams' Possesed Hand
Ash's hand became possesed after being bit by Deadite Linda. It struggled with Ash, which caused him to chainsaw it off. He tried containing it but it escaped and taunted him, which caused him to shoot it. But the hand came back and stabbed Annie in the back. The hand is apparently still at the cabin.
  Ash's Hand
Gold Tooth   Gold Tooth
Apparently one of Artur's top men, this unnamed knight was responsible for whipping Ash, Henry and his men. Ash later singled him out after defeating the pit Deadites.
Blacksmith   Blacksmith
The unnamed blacksmith is the one who helped Ash build his mechanical hand, along with converting Ash's car into the steampunk Doomcoaster.
Cowardly Warrior   Cowardly Warrior
This knight offered to lend his steel to Ash when he proposed they fight instead of flee.
Unnamed Knight   Unnamed Knight
This knight was otherwise un-noteworthy excpet for the fact that he was played by Bruce Campbell's father, Charlie Campbell.
Tiny Ashes   Tiny Ashes
The tiny Ashes were able to escape from the mirror after Ash shattered it. They then tormented him and eventualy forced him to swallow one of them enabling the Bad Ash to split off from Ash.
    Pit Deadite 1
She attacked Ash when he was thrown into the pit, but she was impaled on the wall of spikes.
  Pit Deadite 1
    Pit Deadite 2
This Deadite attacked Ash and got her hand lobbed off with a chainsaw. After escaping from the pit, she was shot by Ash.
  Pit Deadite 2
    Possessed Witch
This seer became possesed and attacked a guard, but was shot by Ash after playing dead.
  Possessed Witch
    Winged Deadite
This winged Deadite captured Sheila and took her to Evil Ash.
  Winged Deadite
    Deadite Captain
The second in command of the Army of Darkness.
  Deadite Captain
    Army of Darkness
An army of Deadites, mostly skeletons, led by Evil Ash.
  Army of Darkness
S-Mart Clerk   Male S-Mart Employee
This employee seemed bored with Ash's story until a Deadite showed up and interupted it.
S-Mart Girl   Female S-Mart Employee
This employee appeared to enjoy Ash's story and seemed romantically interested in him. It is possible that she was Ash's future girlfriend, Jenny, from Evil Dead: Hail to the King.
    Possessed Shopper
This shopper becomes possesed and has to be dispatched by Ash.
  Possessed Shopper
The midget, half-Deadite sidekick of Ash, from the video game Evil Dead Regeneration. He was a small time criminal before being admitted to Sunny Meadows Asylum for the Criminally Insane. During his stay, Dr. Reinhard experimented on Sam with the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. He was the only patient succesfully raised from the dead without being possessed by a Kandarian Demon.
Dr. Vladimir Reinhard   Dr. Vladimir Reinhard
The head of Sunny Meadows Asylum for the Criminally Insane, from the video game Evil Dead Regeneration. Ash was declared insane due to murdering his friends, and his story of how they were possessed. Dr. Reinhard managed to obtain both the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and Professor Raymond Knowby's diary. He experimented with the book in his secret lab, turning Sam into a half-deadite. Reinhard continued his experiments, turning himself into a Deadite. He was ultimitely stopped by Ash and Sam.
  Deadite Vladimir Reinhard
Grandpa   Grandpa
David's dog, he is the one who discovered the hatch to the basement hiding under a rug. He was later found dead, the first casuality. It is implied that he was killed by a possesed Mia, with a hammer.
Teenager   Harold's Daughter
Possesed by the evil of the soul collecting demon, she killed her mother before being captured and killed by her father.
  Deadite Teenager
Harold   Harold
Harold sets his possesed daughter on fire and shoots her with a shotgun to free her of demonic possesion.
Old Woman   Old Woman
This Welsh speaking old woman appears to be in the know about the demons, and it is at her urging that harold kills his possesed daughter.