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Special Rings (Not in a Set)

OtakuInc Mascot   Sweetheart Sweetheart
Blow your sweetheart a kiss with this wonderful ring and make them gush with giddiness. Sweetheart causes the heart to swell with emotion and increases maximum Health.

Fortune's Favor Fortune's Favor
This ring bestows its wearer with the luck of a golden rabbit, increasing the amount of loot they are rewarded with.

Sugar Rush Sugar Rush
Forget runner's high for speed, this ring gives you a dose of high fructose energy to put an extra spring in your step. So, give it a lick, you'll gain an increase in speed, dodge and willpower. This effect is passive, so no need to activate anything.

Buddy Call Buddy Call (Never Released)
Allows you to summon a crew member to you. Say goodbye to airport security checks. 8D

Angel Set

OtakuInc Angel Cosplay   Solar Rays Solar Rays
Focus the power of the sun into a beam that damages your foe and, at higher Rage Ranks, can knock it away from you, or even stun it to Sleep for a short time.

Hunter's Bow Hunter's Bow
This bow lets you fire arrows often and far, damaging your foe and slowing it down so they can't get to you easily. Higher Rage Ranks reduce the target's Footspeed.

Healing Halo Healing Halo
Create this halo over you and your nearby allies. You all then regenerate health more quickly, even during combat! Higher Rage Ranks increase this effect and the highest Rage Ranks also make all affected targets harder to knockback.

Wish Wish
Heal any of your friends, one at a time with this quickly-recharging and powerful ring. Higher Rage Ranks heal targets standing around your target also. The bigger the Rage Rank, the bigger the area affected.

Athlete Set

OtakuInc Athlete Cosplay   Bump Bump
Turn that hip around and BUMP your opponent away from you. Knocking them FAR away at higher Rage Ranks. The process *is* painful to your target.

Taunt Taunt
Sometimes, you need to pull enemies away from your friends. This ring does the trick, making foes in an area angered at you for a while. Higher Rage Ranks increase the area affected and the strength of the Taunt. The highest Rage Ranks also make your foes tremble, draining their Dodge for a time.

Turtle Turtle
When trouble is overwhelming, the best thing to do is curl up in your shell and hope the bad things go away. This creates a protective field that can absorb an amazing amount of damage out of any incoming attack, but only lasts a short time. Higher Rage Ranks create stronger shells.

Fitness Fitness
When you wear this ring, you just get ...better! Accuracy, Dodge, Willpower, Weight, Health Regeneration, Stamina Regneration and even Luck are all given minor bonuses. This ring is passive and does not need to be clicked to be fully functional. Just wear it and it works!

Chef Set

OtakuInc Chef Cosplay   Hack Hack
Land a colossal blow to your foes! Hits things hard, even causing them to bleed for a bit after you hit them. At higher Rage Ranks, the bleeding lasts longer, thus causing more damage.

Knife Sharpen Knife Sharpen
You draw the keen edge from a foe's G'hi and use it to sharpen your own metaphorical knives. Your foe suffers an Accuracy drain for a short time as you disrupt its lifeforce. Higher Rage Ranks also cause damage to your enemy.

Pot Lid Pot Lid
Use Pot Lid to give you or a friend moderate defense and to sometimes Deflect an attack away from you or a friend completely. Any Deflected attack is nullified completely! Higher Rage Ranks make it more and more likely that a Deflection will occur on an attack.

Meat Meat
Be a meateater and beef up big and strong! You heal a big chunk of damage you've suffered as well as increasing your maximum Health the same amount. Higher Rage Ranks increase the amount of Health increased.

Demon Set

OtakuInc Demon Cosplay   Fire Rain Fire Rain
Summon burning rain from the sky to fall in an area around yourself damaging your foes and draining their Willpower. Higher Rage Ranks result in bigger damage areas and greater Willpower drains.

Scaredy Cat Scaredy Cat
Make your foe flee from you in sheer panic! At higher Rage Ranks, this ring affects entire areas and the tendency for your foes to flee is bigger also.

Teflon Spray Teflon Spray
This makes some of any incoming damage bounce away instead of hurting you or a friend. At higher Rage Ranks, it also makes your target harder to hit and eventually can occasionally Reflect an attack back against your foe.

Iron Will Iron Will
When fighting a foe using crowd control or debuff abilities, Iron Will erects defenses around the mind, or the minds of any of your friends, to help resist their evil influence. Higher Rage Ranks amplify the mind still further, allowing you to Deflect occasional incoming attacks.

Medic Set

OtakuInc Medic Cosplay   Adrenaline Adrenaline
You jump up the nerves of your foe, causing them to jitter and shake, spoiling their ability to Dodge your blows for a time. Higher Rage Ranks also cause damage to your enemy.

Bandage Bandage
Start a bandaging process on you or a friend. Healing then occurs over a short time, a bit at a time. Higher Rage Ranks increase the amount of Health recovered.

Diagnose Diagnose
You analyze the wounds of all allies in the area around you and heal them of some of their wounds, including your own! Higher Rage Ranks increase the healing effect and the area affected.

Defibrillate Defibrillate
Use this on a Dazed ally, and you'll instantly Awaken them. Higher Rage Ranks increase the amount of Health and Stamina recovered, as well as reducing the number of rings temporarily locked because you had been Dazed.

Ninja Set

OtakuInc Ninja Cosplay   Shuriken Shuriken
Hurl spiny metal stars at your foes! In addition to damaging your target, higher Rage Ranks increase the effect to an area around your target, plus they cause your target to have reduced Accuracy for a time.

Mantis Mantis
You create a katana from nothing to do your bidding. Does light damage, but attacks again very quickly. At higher Rage Ranks, it also drains an enemy's Willpower.

Divinity Divinity
Use this to draw lifeforce energy to you more quickly, increasing the rate at which you and your nearby friends regain Stamina, even during combat! Higher Rage Ranks let you recover Stamina even more quickly, and the highest Rage Ranks even help you find loot more easily.

Ghost Ghost
You become slightly ethereal and matter occasionally, err, passes through you in a fairly disturbing fashion. Higher Rage Ranks increase the amount of Dodge bonus you receive.

Pirate Set

OtakuInc Pirate Cosplay   Shark Attack Shark Attack
Groundsharks attack your foe, often knocking it away from you, and also causing some bleeding to persist after the attack. Higher Rage Ranks result in longer bleeding duration and sometimes paralyzing your target with shock.

Slash Slash
You slash at the nearby foes in front of you, doing damage to all that you hit. Your slash becomes wider and deeper at higher Rage Ranks, allowing you to hit more enemies.

Quicksand Quicksand
Cause the ground at an area to become mostly water and then solid mud for a short while, trapping your enemies where they stand. Higher Rage Ranks increase the area affected, as well as the chance to stick your foes in the mud.

Keen Aye Keen Aye
Use this on you or a friend to help them spy out where a foe will be, letting you hit it more easily. Higher Rage Ranks increase the Accuracy boost.

Prankster Set

OtakuInc Prankster Cosplay   Hot Foot Hot Foot
Set your target's feet on fire, causing it pain for several seconds after the attack occurs. While the target is on fire, it also suffers a Dodge penalty, making it easier to hit. Higher Rage Ranks make this ability affect an area around the target.

Heavy Water Balloon Heavy Water Balloon
You create a giant water ballon and hurl it at your foes, causing a colossal splash in a large area, damaging those affected. Higher Rage Ranks make bigger splashes and Taunt the enemies in the area to attack you instead of your friends.

Gumshoe Gumshoe
Make the feet of your enemy sticky and slow its Footspeed substantially. Higher Rage Ranks make this ring affect increasingly-sized areas and slow the targets within even further.

Fleet Feet Fleet Feet
Sometimes, you just need to get away. This makes you, and any friends around you, greatly increase your Footspeed for a brief time. Since you're probably running into or out of trouble, this also bolsters your Willpower with a modest bonus at higher Rage Ranks.

Shaman Set

OtakuInc Shaman Cosplay   Dervish Dervish
Whirling at incredible speed, you deal damage to all foes close to you. Higher Rage Ranks knock your enemies farther back and increase the area you hit.

Hornet's Nest Hornet's Nest
Hurl a nest of hornets at the ground, creating a swarm that attacks nearby foes. Higher Rage Ranks increase the area affected, as well as making the target sometimes panic and run away.

Rock Armor Rock Armor
Cover each of your allies in Rock Armor giving them strong protection against incoming damage. The Rock Armor lasts for several minutes, or until it absorbs enough damage to break up. Higher Rage Ranks make stronger and stronger Armor.

Coyote Spirit Coyote Spirit
Use this ring to give you or any friend a faster Footspeed. This ring also makes you able to Dodge attacks a bit more nimbly. Higher Rage Ranks increase the Footspeed bonus, as well as providing you the Luck of the Coyote.

Space Trooper Set

OtakuInc Space Trooper Cosplay   Guns,Guns,Guns Guns,Guns,Guns
When all else fails, haul out the artillery and drown your target in lead! Higher Rage Ranks create a wider spray of bullets, causing more damage in a bigger and bigger area around your target.

Duct Tape Duct Tape
Wrap your target up and keep it from moving. NOTE: Hitting a target while it is taped will weaken the tape and allow it to move again. Higher Rage Ranks start affecting foes around your original target also, as well as increasing the chance that they get bound by tape.

Improbability Sphere Improbability Sphere
Use the Improbability Sphere to give you or a friend moderate defense, as well as to Reflect an attack back against the attacker of you or a friend! Any attack Reflected back on the attacker does the damage to the attacker instead. Higher Rage Ranks increase the amound of Armor and the ...probability... that Reflection will occur.

My Density My Density
Are you getting knocked around by monsters? There's an easy way to solve that. Weigh more! Using this ring increases your Weight and sticks you to the ground. Higher Rage Ranks actually make you dense enough to resist some damage directly!